capacity building programme on “Happy Classroom” held at Heritage Global School

PNN/ Faridabad: A CBSE capacity building workshop was hosted by Heritage Global School, Faridabad on the topic “Happy Classroom” here today. It was conducted by Meenakshi Kushwaha, Principal and Mona Academic Coordinator of Birla Vidya Niketan School New Delhi. The workshop was attended by Fifty Seven teachers of various schools of Faridabad and NCR. Both the resource person were innovative in their content delivery.

The activities included in the workshop were inspiring and thought provoking. They emphasized on exhibiting self control by the teacher and also laid stress on the importance of being a role model for the students, and also shared various strategies and technique to have a Happy Classroom. They explained by quoting various examples that was very important to reduce the communication gap between the student- teacher- parent trio for developing healthy and cordial relationship amongst them. Motivating the students with various incentives to maintain a conducive learning environment and not labeling a child were some of the other key elements of the workshop.
She emphasized that teacher needs to introspect and adopt various creative techniques while dealing with students who create behavior issues in the classroom.
They pointed out various reasons for misconduct in the students and also discussed a few measures that can be adopted to rectify them. Kushwaha said that she believed that students must take responsibility of their actions and also that a teacher must try to instill in them moral values such as gratitude, empathy, positive attitude and acceptance.
They said that every teacher should ensure that praising and appreciating students for even their smallest of achievement can work as a catalyst in boosting the moral of a child. Various techniques for making teaching learning process effective such as storytelling, one minute activities, role play etc. were also a part of the workshop which kept the participants involved and energized till the end.
The school Principal Rakhi Verma thanked all the participants on behalf of CBSE COE, and the resource person for the successful and effective workshop.

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