Make yourselves job oriented: Raj Nehru

PNN/ Faridabad: With a view to make the students sensitize towards exploring their academic interests and activities, and to familiarize with the culture of the institution, the Management Studies Department of J.C. Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad has been organizing a three-day ‘Induction Program’ for its newly admitted students.
The Founding Vice Chancellor of Vishwakarma Skill University, Raj Nehru was the Chief Guest and keynote speaker on the inaugural session. The session was presided over by Dean, Institutions Dr. Sandeep Grover and Registrar Dr. Rajkumar. Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Dr. Arvind Gupta and Chairperson Dr. Ashutosh Nigam were also present on this occasion.

The Program started with lighting of lamp followed by keynote address by Vice Chancellor Raj Nehru in which he shared his views on ‘P/PC Balance Model’ in the context of management studies. Nehru said that effectiveness in any field lies in the balance between “P & PC”. “P” stands for production of the desired results, the golden eggs and “PC” stands for production capability, the ability or asset that produces the golden eggs. He asked the students to acquire knowledge rather attaining degree. Encouraging students to think outside the box, Nehru said that the world and technology is changing faster than our course of study, therefore, you have make yourselves ready by acquiring the knowledge which is need of the hour.

Giving interesting examples and classifying people into different categories with their approach towards life, he said that we should have to make ourselves a person with possibilities and try to make best efforts in every situation with full capabilities which is a better approach rather than becoming an optimistic who do nothing. In the competitive corporate world, your work will be evaluated by your performance and capabilities, he added. Nehru extended best wishes to students for their academic year.
Earlier, Dr. Sandeep Grover and Dr. Arvind Gupta presented sapling to Nehru as mark of respect. After that, Prof. Santosh Rangnekar, Professor at Department of Management, IIT Roorkee, gave an interesting lecture on ‘Design Thinking’ and encouraged the students to develop their problem solving skills.

On the first day, the programme was also addressed by Prof. Ravinder Vinayak, retired Professor from Department of Commerce, MDU, Rohtak and Abhey Kapoor, Senior HR Leader, Amazon. The three-day program is being coordinated by Dr. Sapna Taneja, Assistant Professor, Management Studies.

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Shafi Shiddique