Health Camp holds in Dhauj, Foreign experts diagnosed people

PNN/ Faridabad: A free health check-up camp was organised in Dhauj Village here on Wednesday. The camp was conducted in collaboration with Raunak Hospital for the area’s people, in which a team of health experts which included Dr Hem, Dr Rohit Chairman of Raunak Hospital, Pharmacist Lalita Reddy and students of Chicago University conducted the tests, provided consultation for general ailments and distributed medicines for the same.

The camp included ECG, Bone Density test, Eye Screening, Blood Pressure Check, Random Blood Sugar test, Neuropathy, PFT and Blood investigation like CBC, Thyroid Test, Lipid Profile, Uric Acid and Blood Sugar Fasting. Nearly hundreds of villagers availed the services provided by the qualified experts who recommended appropriate precautions and interventions.

During this, talking to the PNN Correspondent, Pharmacist and Certified diabetes educator Lalita Reddy and Ozren jointly stated that people have common diseases which are cause of negligence and unhygienic. They advised people to be clean and keep their surrounding clean.

At the end, Dr Prem also said this health check-up camp was not only helpful for the needy but will also bring changing in their life. Dr Hem said to people to be careful and proper hygiening if they want to be healthy. He said the villagers were proper consulted by the experts that how they can live healthy. Thus camp will keep to be held in the future, he stated.

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Shafi Shiddique