IMA Faridabad protests over NMC Bill, handed over Memorandum to DC

PNN/Faridabad: The member of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Faridabad protested under the supervision of Dr Punita Hasija, President IMA Faridabad, Dr Ajay Kapoor , Sr. Vice President,  Dr Suresh Arora, IMA Ex- President, Dr Shipra Gupta, Secretary protested over NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION BIII 2017 and handed over a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner Atul Kumar while demanding that the bill should be withdrawn as already suggested by the IMA. The DC was briefly apprised about negative consequences of NMC bill. Over this, he assured the IMA members to help the possible way and to get it conveyed to the PM.

This information while sharing with mediaperons, Dr Punita Hasija, IMA President said the protest against NMC Bill was staged at nationwide and we the members of IMA demanded that the following Bills pending before the Parliament are not only unfriendly to the medical professionals but have not been framed as per the health care needs of the masses of India.

Dr Punita Hasija said Indian Medical Association, the umbrella organisation of all modern medical practitioners in the country representing 8.5 lakhs modern medical practitioners is very much concerned about many of the provisions of CPA 2018 and we feel that these amendments will cause further increase in treatment costs, make health care unaffordable and inaccessible to weaker sections of the society, promote corporatization of health care eliminating smaller hospitals and will make implementation of public funded health programs difficult.

Dr Hasija says the capping of compensation as per the suggestions submitted by IMA is the need of the hour. We request you to introduce suitable Amendments in it before discussion in Rajya Sabha.

She further said NMC Bill 2017 should be withdrawn as already suggested by the IMA. Because it has multiple drawbacks, it promotes crosspathy, makes medical education costlier exit exam is an unnecessary burden on medical students. It does not provide adequate representation to the elected members by the professionals.

Dr Punita Hasija at the last said MEDICAL COUNCIL AMENDMENT Bill 2018 should be withdrawn. And the democratically elected Medical Council of India revived.

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Shafi Shiddique