Decisions taken by JK’s Governor Administration motivated by particular political interest: PDP

Orders issued by PDP Govt. being disrespected, deep seated prejudices at play, says Akhtar

PNN/ Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday accused the Jammu and Kashmir’s Governor Administration of disrespecting and disregarding the decisions taken by the political government in the state and said that the preset administration is busy serving some particular political interest.

In a statement to KPS, PDP senior leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar stated that it it’s unfortunate that the decisions being taken by the governor administration in Jammu and Kashmir are motivated by some particular political interest and the orders that were issued for peoples’ welfare by the PDP government are being reversed and dishonored.
Substantiating his claims, Akhtar stated that the PDP government had approved the establishment of a degree college in Turtuk area of Ladakh and had even issued formal orders for the same. However, according to Akhtar, the High-Powered Committee of the governor administration that approved 28 degree colleges in the state left the establishment of Turtuk college unattended and hence didn’t activate the order issued by the PDP government.
The senior PDP leader maintained further that the Governor administration is perhaps not aware about the significance of Turtuk area and its special requirements. “The area was liberated in the year 1971 but unfortunately it still is not being treated as part of the country. There are deep seated prejudices against this area and political vested interests are hell bent to deny its people their due rights,” said Akhtar, adding that the PDP government had taken initiative for the development of this area and important part of that process was the establishment of a degree college.
He added the besides Turtuk, there are other areas like Kotranka and Tulail wherein the PDP government had taken major initiatives based on the special requirements of these places. “However, it seems that the decisions being taken by the Governor in the state at present are aimed to suit a particular political interest,” said Akhtar.
He added that the Governor administration must review its recently issued order and restore all those colleges that were created by the previous government.

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