Policing is charming and respectable job: Lokender Singh-IPS

It is often said everything changes according to time. Here is police officer Lokender Singh-IPS, he in his an Exclusive Interview with PNN correspondent shared his experience that how is the policing in present scenario.  


Name: Lokender Singh IPS

Designation: DSP Central, Crime and Traffic

Education: B-tech, Civil Engineering IIT Kanpur, M-tech IIT Kanpur



How do you see the policing?

Obviously, policing is a challenging job, in which we have to hear people’s grievances and do everything to provide justice to the victim, but apart from this, it is a charming and respectable job. The traditional policing have changed and well-educated and cooperative candidates are being selected in this profession now as a result, people of the country are being trustworthy towards the police.


Crime graph increasing day by day, what do you think? 

See, some pacific crimes like White collar crimes, cybercrime, murder, rape & kidnapping, dowry, domestic violence and illegal drug trade etc. these crimes really have increased, but somewhere we are also involved in it. Our negligence, unawareness and hiding information escalating to the crimes. From the data analysed, it has been determine that economic, political, and societal factors have played a crucial role in the occurrence of crime and crime control practices. Recent phenomena, like the financial crisis and the current political stalemate in India, seem to have contributed to this disturbing increase in crime. If these factors can be stabilized, then we may anticipate the improvement of the crime situation in India.

Let me tell you, Faridabad police is quite serious towards crime, our cyber cell is very active who keeps an eye on all possible crimes. Apart from this, a proposal has been sent for opening cyber cell in Faridabad.


What challenge do you see in Faridabad?

After training this is my first posting as DSP in Faridabad, this is still a learning time for me, as I earlier told you, this job is challenging and there is a lot to see forward too, after all this is the best job, I always want to bring justice to the poor and the afflicted people.


People still don’t want to be frank with police, what do you think, should any work not be done by which people believe in the police?

See, this is not fair, police also come from the society. It is only for people’s help, to maintain peace and reducing the crime graph. This is just because of illiterate and few knowledge of law, this problem often occurs, otherwise if people should be made aware then this problem will be finished. Its example can be seen in metropolitan cities where people and police both are working friendly, in civilized society, it is common now, even you can see foreign police where people have great faith in the policing. People resort to police in every small or big problem, so we should also try to create the same environment here.


Any message to the colleague policemen

Policing is quite a good and challenging job, but apart from this, have attained by name and fame. People have a lot of expectations from the police so do your level best, your name should be taken everywhere among the honest officer.

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Shafi Shiddique