Heritage Global School gets International School Award

PNN/ Faridabad: Heritage Global School, Faridabad has been bestowed with International School Award and is accredited for the period 2018-21, by British Council for giving an International dimension to the curriculum and infusing global citizenship amongst learners.

This information while sharing with media persons the school Principal Rakhi Verma said ‘Our ISA Journey had been a highly enriching experience, filled with learning and discoveries. The excitement started with the announcement seeking ideas for the projects for finalization of action plan. After a lot of discussion and brainstorming, the action plan was finalized and sent for approval from British Council. After having received the approval, we started the execution.

Rakhi Verma said the most challenging was collaboration with foreign schools. Some schools seemed very keen on the partnership at the outset but later stopped responding. But we could finally collaborate with St. Henry College, Sri Lanka for a project on National Symbols and Mazozo Community Day School, Africa, for activities on Postal Services and FolkTales, both of which were participative and walked with us hand in hand in the journey.

She further said that the students were excited to know each others’ culture and they were highly empathetic about the challenges being faced by the African Students.

The in house non-collaborative activities were picked up as the ones wherein lot of interaction with community could take place, like road safety, for which the students took up a rally and Currency of India and UK for which they interviewed people to know their views on Demonetization, For French Amalgamation, the students visited Alliance Francois, a French Institute and organized a French Festival in school. So there was always lot of thrill about each activity and the involvement of each staff member, parent and student added to the fun, enrichment and brought out the learning outcomes manifold.

Principal Rakhi Verma at the last said the entire ISA Journey definitely gave a global perspective to the students’ thinking and infused World mindedness in them. We were overwhelmed when some students expressed their desire to visit the African School and do something to improve the conditions there. So we could see our Global Citizens of tomorrow transforming and evolving as the pages in the dossier kept adding.

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Shafi Shiddique