Ryan International School brings 3rd Position in National Taekwondo Championship

“Sports breaks the weak and exposes the strong “

PNN/ Faridabad: These iconic words rang loud, clear and true when the talented students of Ryan International School, Faridabad swept practically most gold, silver and bronze medals  and brought 3rd position in 4th National Taekwondo Championship 2018.
A team of 19 members out of which included students earned medals as Pia Class-VIB gold, Riya Class-VIIIC gold, Garv Class-VF gold, Devang Class-VIIID gold, Tejas Class VIIB gold, Ishika VIE gold, Hrisheek Class VIIIA gold, Vishesh Class VIIB silver, Pritish Class V-C silver, Daksh Class III-A silver, Vinayak Class-V-F Bronze, Urja Class-VI-C silver, Yashika Class-V-A Silver, Aahana Class-IV-A bronze, Ridhima Class-VI-E Bronze and Bhumika Class-VI-C Bronze.
The students, who performed their best in the sport and brought laurel to the school were rewarded by the school administration and were wished to do best in future.

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Shafi Shiddique