special assembly over Christmas holds at Ryan International School

“Rejoice, that the immortal God is born, so that mortal man live in eternity.”
– John Huss

Christmas has come around once more. It is the season of merry making and rejoicing a celebration to commemorate the birth of lord Jesus.

PNN/ Faridabad: Christmas is the time to celebrate and to spread the warmth of love and happiness all around. To celebrate Christmas, a special assembly was organised at Ryan International School, Faridabad. The festive assemblies were held for Montessori, Primary and Senior wings. The assembly started with the ritual of bible reading followed by special prayer to request Lord Almighty to bless all with wisdom and strength.
The spirit of festivity swung in air with euphonious carol singing presentation. It enthralled the audience and Ryanites were seen bubbling with joy and enthusiasm. Santa Claus left the audience spell bound with his rocking performance and made the students and teachers laugh.

The nativity play depicting the birth of Lord Jesus was the highlight of the day. Ryanites celebrated the birth of Lord Jesus and appreciated the way he served to the mankind leading them from darkness to light.
To add to the fun of festivities, toffees were distributed among the students of Montessori.
Soaking in the spirits of Christmas ,the students of classes VII & VIII participated in Paper Cutting Snow Flakes , Ice Cream stick puppet, paper rolls decoration, Book Mark making competition. Students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the various competitions.

The principal, Nisha Sharma, read the message of Chairman Dr. A.F Pinto and Managing Director , Madam Grace Pinto. In her address, Principal motivated the students to celebrate Christmas everyday with love.

The programme concluded with school song followed by school Anthem, echoing the promises taken by Ryanites, fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of their mentors.

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